I adopted Floyd from a rescue organization almost nine years ago. At his first visit I was informed that he had a slight heart murmur and that it would be something to not worry about but keep an eye on as he got older.  We continued to monitor it with vets, but on a most recent visit they said his condition had changed from a level 1 to a 4 and highly recommended that he have an echocardiogram since they would not put him under until they had a better handle on the murmur issue and also can not treat it properly without it being done. He has been heaving more when he breathes so I am getting really concerned and will feel awful if something happens to him but I am on SS disability and just do not have the funds.

- Marie (Floyd's human)

Loving Pup granted Marie the funds to get an echo done for Floyd, so he can continue life saving monitoring and treatment for his heart murmur.



Greta is an 11 year old Doberman. She has been part of our family since she was 4 weeks old. She lives with me, her 3 human "siblings" and a very ornery little canine brother. We all love her very much. About a year ago we noticed a small lump on the back of her neck. It progressively grew in size over the next few months. Last August we took her to the vet and discussed removing it. The cost of the surgery was out of our budget at the time and at that time the vet didnt see any need to rush into removing it. Things have changed and since around Christmas her lump has grown and now regularly "explodes" and bleeds alot. We still don't have the money for surgery. I am a single, disabled mom and making ends meet is difficult. But Greta desparately needs this surgery. She is hurting and it's getting worse. Greta is such a sweetheart! She loves wearing jackets and bandannas and looking pretty. She loves meeting new people and going to the beach. You will usually find her cuddled on her blanket with one of her stuffed babies. 

- Kimberly (Greta's human)

Loving Pup granted Kimberly the funds to get Greta's tumor removed.


Tori belongs to 12-year old Lucy, and was suddenly diagnosed with kidney failure. The family was given a hopeful prognosis, and although Tori remained in the hospital, Lucy was able to visit a few times a day. A few days later, sadly, the vet informed the family that Tori was in full kidney failure. From Lucy's mom: "We rushed to the clinic to say our goodbyes. It was gut wrenching and awful to see my daughter's heart break.  The Doctor assured us that we had done everything possible and Tori was suffering terribly.  After Tori passed, the Doctor took Lucy privately and spoke to her which helped. We picked a beautiful Urn and will receive her ashes this week. I am sorry we don't have better news.  But please know you gave us an amazing gift by being able to try and save Lucy's sweet kitty."

- Jill and Lucy (Tori's humans)

Loving Pup granted Jill and Lucy funds to pay for Tori's hospital stay, where she received testing and comfortable care.